News: Server  /  12.7.11
The server now has monsters enabled, so watch out at night, in caves and especially in the Nether for zombies, ghasts, slimes and of course creepersssssssss. Mods are down at the moment because Bukkit can't be bothered to update itself, but all in good time, don't fret.
News: server  /  9.7.11
Oh shizzle! From next monday (11.7), the server will be taken off peaceful. That means there will be monsters, so watch out at night and in caves! Oh gawsh!
News: Johnsborg  /  13.6.11
After much digging and track-laying, there is now a rail link between Johnsborg and Abjab (Johnsborg Dependency)! It's short, sweet and bursts into an underground biome halfway through. So why not head over to Johnsborg station and take a trip to Abjab?
News: Mods  /  3.5.11
And lo, after many a day without the sacred server mods (no thanks to Mojang and the 1.6 update), admin Will didst say 'let there be mods' and lo, there were mods. And all was good. Also, a bush burst into flames but no one gave a shit. This ain't no Bible.
News: Maps / 26.5.11
Charlie has completed the first map on the server, utilizing the 1.6 update to fill in a map centered on his epic castle!
News: Mt. Kaurnate  /  19.5.11
Congrats to Sam, who has just about finished off his sprawling stone castle on Mt. Kaurnate beside Yggdrasil. Apparently its towers and walkways are full of traps, so venture into it at your own risk!
News: Will's music taste sucks / 15.5.11
O hey guys, do you like alternative, decent music? I know you do. So check out the album 'Into the Murky Water' by The Leisure Society. I know you want to. What do you mean this isn't relevant on this blog? It's more relevant than you'll ever be, bucko.
News: Spawn  /  15.5.11
Well whaddya know, the spawn point has been cleaned up and redesigned by server admin Will! It's super nice and features hedges and a little plaza, mmm. Check it out at /spawn
News: Server  /  8.5.11
'Cause you keep on bugging the admins about it, I've finally thrown together an up-to-date map of the server, current as of this morning. View it here.
News: J'sen Ocean  /  8.5.11
The Daltown Server Gallery is now open for business! Situated right in the middle of the Jacobsen Ocean, it's a great place to go see whatever artwork your texture pack has! Admission is 50 coins via turnstile.
News: Server  /  4.5.11
The Daltown Board of Modernist Architecture Preservation and Common Sense (DBMAPCS) reminds users that it's not advisable to go around cutting down trees with a flint and steel, specifically next to modernist wool-houses. Just sayin'.
News: Server  /  2.5.11
The server's economy is thriving thanks to a glorious four-day weekend encouraging many users to go on more often than before, and we now have several new shops. These include Alistair's 'Maplins' and Ant's rare items store near Priapus. -wd

Server status: running (no mods)

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